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I’m Leighann, your trusted relationship and Vancouver life coach. I am the embodiment of boundless love and fearless challenges. My mission revolves around fostering conscious relationships and empowering individuals to embrace their truest selves.

For those of you who crave deeper love and connection, who thirst for amazing partnerships and friendships and other-ships, I am a life coach, a teacher, a guide. Picture me as the mirror that reveals what often goes unnoticed—an unwavering reflection of your authentic self.

I am the seasoned spelunker who accompanies you on the journey of self-discovery. The loving, knowing way-shower as you create thriving connectedness.

As the Vancouver life coach, I am your personal invitation to wake up.


love is everything

And if you are willing to do the deep work of deconstructing YOU, the life and love you want is YOURS.

Leighann Amanda: Vancouver Life Coach

Unlock Your Path to Inner Peace with a Vancouver Life Coach

Are you one of those high-performers who’ve mastered their craft but struggling to master your personal life, inner environment, and relationships? Worry not – you’ve found your solution!

You’re proud of what you do; you’ve put a lot of time into your success, and you’ve accomplished a great deal. It also happens to look impressive on the outside.

But on the inside, you’re in turmoil. Your ambition has allowed you to create things most people aspire to. And while it’s gotten you this far, you’re left feeling unfulfilled in life and love.

You get stuck in the same relationship circumstances, over and over. You’re ready to end the cycle.

As the leading Vancouver life coach and relationship guide, I specialize in empowering high-performing individuals like you to attain a harmonious blend of success and love while achieving inner peace. My coaching is tailored for bold creators and achievers who seek not only an extraordinary love story but also profound inner tranquility.

Join me on a transformative journey toward a life of fulfillment and lasting love.

Leighann Amanda: Life Coach Vancouver

What I Believe

Finding the love we want has less to do with finding the right person and a lot to do with getting to know ourselves and how we tick.

For anyone willing to do the work of leveling up their consciousness, the very best relationships – those we’ve all thought were impossible – are well within reach.

As an experienced life coach, this is the message I live and teach.

My mission is a bold but simple, three-part plan:

1. Retire dysfunctional ways of relating
2. Make conscious relationships commonplace
3. Create inner freedom for as many people as possible

The undeniable connection between love and the nervous system

From birth, our nervous system co-regulates with those of our parents and influences how we create romantic attachments later on in life. Eventually, our ability to regulate our own nervous system becomes crucial to the health of our romantic connections and dictates the ultimate success of life partnership.

This is why I use a transformational breathwork modality to teach you how to regulate your nervous system so that it can continue to foster healthy relationships. Breathwork treatments include verbal and physical facilitation, bodywork, and a deep dive into your own consciousness as well as your nervous system’s embedded patterns.

Vancouver Life Coach : Leighann Amanda
Life coaching for women to have an extraordinary relationship

How It Works

Welcome to an immersive journey of self discovery and transformation.

My approach is deeply personalized, using ontological, and somatic techniques to uncover patterns and rewrite them. This way we both unravel the ingrained patterns that pave the way for profound personal growth.

Through a comprehensive assessment and a bespoke program tailored to your individual needs, we delve into the very essence of your being, rewriting narratives, and fostering lasting positive change.

Begin your path to a more fulfilling and loving life:

  • Transformative 90-minute Breathwork Session: $235
  • Consultation and Sample Coaching Session: $250
  • Couples Session: $275
  • Personal One-on-One Coaching
  • Partnership: $1400/month
    (Three-month minimum commitment)


My mission as a life coach is to make conscious relationships commonplace by helping you level up your ability to discover your true self.

Together, we go on a sacred, kick-in-the-butt, ontological journey. We ask difficult questions. We create personal practices. We give you the tools you need. Day by day, you build and claim the life and love you crave.


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